TST is the brain child of Cliff Randall (age 65yrs) from Stouffville Ontario, a 25 year veteran of the executive search world, where he built one of the most successful retained practices in Canada.

Cliff happily retired from the search industry in September of 2018, took some time off to go Land Speed Racing with a few of his factory sponsored, high performance motorcycles (which he designs and rides himself) got bored by September, and decided to jump back into the business world with a whole new mission – employing our aging population (over 50 years of age) many of whom are not able to retire at all, as they become less and less attractive to the corporate world. In the last 5 years Randall saw this ageism creeping into the executive ranks first hand with many of his searches.

Cliff has always had a huge affinity for both beautiful homes (he built his own) and seniors, including Canada’s finest, our Veterans. Randall was the Founder and President of ‘The Veterans Honour Ride Foundation’ (a registered Canadian charity) whose primary mission for 7 years was to help fund Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital Veteran’s Comfort Fund, building the gardens at the back of K & L Wing at the hospital and developing the Veteran’s Grant a Wish Program – all tasks were completed and a wonderful plaque can be found at Sunnybrook in the back outdoor gardens thanking the VHRF.

Randall also wanted to build a labour centric business that was in demand and could not be interrupted by the internet. In his own words, “as long as robots can’t paint, we’re good!”

Cliff’s long-term goal with ‘The Senior Touch’ is to build the business out on a country-wide basis, starting in his own hometown of Stouffville Ontario and eventually taking the business, ‘city by city’, right across Canada.

Given time, TST will be adding many exciting tributary services to complement our primary operation of ‘top drawer’ kitchen beautification.

Cliff Randall | President
cliff@theseniortouch.com | 416-804-2748
38 Grayfield Drive, Stouffville, ON L4A 0B1